Battletech Chicago Merc Corps

Medical Officer's Journal 03233049b

March 19, 2013 19:35

Negotiated Pay:

Continuation of prior engagement. Refer to files 03193049, 03203049 and 03223049, 03223049a

Team Members
Mechanic LaRoche
Pilot Brink Watch
Communications Officer Mathew Conrad
Diplomatic Relations Warner St.John
Combat Jack Hatter
Combat Rene Gade

Personal Equipment Requisitioned

Personal Log Entry 03233049 09:00
Having cleared the room of enemies, Gade searched the bodies for communicators. Unfortunately, they are all mounted to the armor. I I took stock of the wounded and patched up Hatter and St. John first. Then attempted to stop my own bleeding. Tending to one’s self is more challenging. I should be able to make it to other medical help. As soon as I had helped Hatter, he began to inspect the hallway. Once I had patched myself up, I noticed Hatter had pulled the pin out of a grenade. I ducked behind the nearest crate in the room. The grenade went off in the corridor and did a wonderful job of scorching the door marked R&D at the end of the hall.

We heading down the corridor and emerged into a room with many desks and computers. Gade furiously attacked one of the computers, St.John found a file and copied it. Having little in the way of computer skills, I left them alone. There were three doors leading off the main R&D room. One led to the break room. The second led to the supervisor’s room. St. John downloaded some files and found the key to the basement. The third door led to a corridor leading to stairs up.

We head up and find a small fully windowed room overlooking the factory floor with a control panel with a red button and a green button. We push the red button and the factory shuts down. We decide to make sure the rest of the building is clear to avoid enemies from restarting the operations.

We enter the basement level to find a Mech Manufacturing department. Parts of various mechs are all over the room. On the far wall is a large cargo loading door. We take some time to investigate the parts. No employees. I stay behind to watch the corridor we came from. After some time, I hear the large door opening. I turn to see the group running out the door. I head toward the door activating my stealth suit and readying my sniper rifle. I find a good spot on the left side of the door and take aim on advancing troops wearing the same red badge we have seen repeatedly. The group has taken numerous enemy troops down. I snipe one trooper and hear a loud crash from behind. I turn to see one of the heavy armor mechs behind us. I turn to deal with the new threat and call over the comms to warn the others and load armor piercing into my rifle.

I took careful aim, exhaled and pulled the trigger. At short range I watch the front armor blast open. We now have an unarmored pilot attached to some heavy weapons. I hope to God that the others are keeping the troops occupied as my attention is fully on the battle suit. I see Watch head up yelling incoherantly at the battle armor and using a silly firearm style from the 1990’s proven to be more hazardous to the gun holder than the target. But, it proved to be a good distraction. I took another shot and hit. But the stubborn bugger refused to drop. Watch proceeded to try my tactic of leaping onto it’s back and shooting the pilot. Numerous more rounds are put into him before he drops crushing Wake under his weight. We make short work of the remaining troops.

I make my rounds patching up the team. Watch will need more attention. But, I made him stable and stim patched him to get him back to the ship. Conrad and Gade and Hatter all took serious wounds that made me recall my field surgery training. I did the best I could with what I had on me.

We freed the captive employees and I saw to the minor wounds suffered by them. One of the managers informed us that the invaders sabotaged the scrubbers on the tower which will need repair. To thank us, they provided the team with a 50 ton Hunchback mech.

Experience: 30
Other Reward: 50 ton Hunchback



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