Battletech Chicago Merc Corps

Medical Officer's Journal 03233049

March 12, 2013

Negotiated Pay:

Continuation of prior engagement. Refer to files 03193049, 03203049 and 03223049

Team Members
Mechanic LaRoche
Pilot Brink Watch
Communications Officer Mathew Conrad
Diplomatic Relations Warner St.John
Combat Jack Hatter
Combat Rene Gade
Magnus Dahlqvist

Personal Equipment Requisitioned

Personal Log Entry 03233049 06:00
Having ascertained the assumed source of the airborn toxins, the group heads to the factory except for Hatter who feels underdressed and heads for the dropship. Upon entry of the building, we find the security station with an unconscious guard. I check his vitals. Seems stable. But, will need attention once oxygen is restored. Gade finds a locked door. the guard’s ID has been removed. Gade moves to break into the computer system to open the door. I make my vibro lock pick set available and he easily bypasses the lock. We hear the sound of mechanics starting up. We dive to the side and St.John launches a hand rocket down the corridor. This locks up the turret that rose from the floor.

The turret has been damaged. But, is still firing when Watch flings various items down the hall. The gun has a minimal amount of traverse. St. John continues to fire his rifle at the turret. It seems to be well armored. I notice that the height of the fire is limited to about 6’. I ask Dahlqvist to give me a boost up to the ceiling, remove a ceiling tile and climb up into the suspended ceiling. Fortunately, I don’t weigh much. the ceiling held. I crawled along the ceiling, while the others continued to try and distract the turret. It seemed intent on trying to kill me as I was the nearest threat.

After a horribly long crawl, I arrived above the turret, pulled one of the tiles out and lowered myself onto the turret. I used my vibrodagger to hack at anything that looked vital to it’s operation. Finally, the turret lowered into the floor. Locked doors lined the hallway. St. John and Dahlqvist work their way down the corridor and find some files of value. At the end of the corridor, we find a management office and Conrad hacks into the computer. He finds the protocol to deactivate the security system in the other corridor.

This corridor has locked doors as well. However, the locks are electronic. We hear knocking coming from one of the doors. Gade opens the door and we find a conference room with 9 people, 1 of which is awake. I make sure he is stable and then tranq him to prevent him doing anything that might endanger us. We restrain the others and head on.

We come upon a room with multiple turrets. St. John notes that he is running out of rockets. I head back to the conference room and search the person at the head of the table for his ID card. The card disables the turrets and opens the other doors in the room. We enter one to find the mineral processing area. We disable the track feeding ore into the furnace as there was no machinery to stop the treads. Another door reveals stairs leading up and down. We decide to head up.

We arrive at the top of the stairs to find the security station. Inside is a weapons locker. The team manages to open the locker between them and found some laser rifle packs as well as a Heavy weapon. We open the next door to find the room that feeds the smelting area below. As I am inspecting another track to find where it is coming from, the door on the other side of the room opens. I duck behind a crate and activate my stealth suit. 2 large men enter the room in full head masks. As I creep from one crate to another, they look right at me. Crap! They must have sensors in the masks and good ones at that. The team take down the first two quickly and I continue to try to sneak up to the door as others enter. A firefight breaks out as all sides take cover. The other members of the group do a great job of distracting the newcomers. So, I make my way around the flank being as stealthy as possible while the team proceeds to whittle down the ememy numbers.

As I approach to striking distance, a large shape crunches through the doorway. It looks to be a personal combat armor suit. The team takes shots at it that prove to be not very effective. I can see that finesse will be necessary. I take a running leap onto one of the crates and launch myself onto the back of the large machine and lay into it with my vibro dagger. It tries to shake me off. But, I have my legs wrapped tight enough to keep my hold on it’s waist.

The big brute was occupied with me while the group took out the rest of the enemy and together we felled the giant.

Other Reward:



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