Battletech Chicago Merc Corps

Medical Officer's Journal 03223049

February 19, 2013 19:10

Negotiated Pay:

Continuation of prior engagement. Refer to files 03193049 and 03203049

Team Members
Mechanic LaRoche
Pilot Brink Watch
Communications Officer Mathew Conrad
Diplomatic Relations Warner St.John
Combat Jack Hatter
Combat Rene Gade
Tank Commander Heinrick Steiger
Magnus Dahlqvist

Personal Equipment Requisitioned

Personal Log Entry 03223049 06:00
After sustaining heavy damage we “Landed with extreme prejudice” on planet Chesztreg for repairs. Appears that the planet is a mining planet. The Dragoons essentially kicked us of the ship while they dealt with their dead and instructed us to visit the town. In the distance is a factory that is turning the sky green with polutants. We decide the local tavern is a good place to kill some time. I judge upon entrance that there is no liquid that is safe to drink. So, I order a water, drop a purification tablet into and don’t touch it.

After a few minutes, I hear my former instructor somewhere from the room. It seems irrational that he would be here. So, I decide to investigate. I see him at a table and approach to find out why he is here. Out of the corner of my eye I see LaRoche leave the bar. We can’t afford to lose her again. I follow her to the side of a young man who is balled up and rocking back and forth mutter about clowns. Laroche sits next to the man and copies his actions. I kneel in front of LaRoche and ask her how she is feeling. She says the position is very comforting and that she is glad the man next to her suggested it. Upon closer inspection, the man looks to be mentally unstable and sleep deprived. He seems very concerned about the clowns getting him. I decide to give the man some rest. I give him a shot of tranquilizer and he drops over dead. This seems to snap LaRoche out of it. She stops rocking. The tranq should not have killed him. It seems that something is in his blood. I take a sample and pull out my field kit. My instructor is suddenly at my side testing me. It seems we are all affected by mass hysteria. How to counteract it? I must take more samples.

LaRoche’s paranoia will not make her a good subject. I have a feeling I would have to tranque her to get the sample and I am afraid that would kill her. I take a sample from myself as a comparison while LaRoche tries to convince me of cows and men coming after her. At one point she tries to slit my throat, I secretly draw my taser and render her ineffective. Soon after, I sense another person approach from behind, I turn around and taser the individual. I finally am able to finish my tests and determine it to be metal poisoning. My instructor asks for the results. I give them to him and head for the Dragoon dropship. The forest wraps back to the village. Clearly, I am affected as my sense of direction is infallible.

I call over the comms to Watch. I explain to him we are all suffering from delusions. He asks if I have any way of fixing it. I explain that my full kit has what I need. but, it is in the dropship and I am unable to find my way back due to the sickness. I also tell him that I am curious as to how the taser victims will be when they awake. But, LaRoche is a difficult subject to ascertain sanity from. Wake volunteers to be a test subject. I taser him. When they awake, they do not seem better. I ask LaRoche to gather the others into the bar as she seems to be handling the situation the best (Heavens help us). I try splashing cold water on myself, no luck. I figure it has to be either airborn or auditory. I plug my ears. No luck. Airborne it is. Suddenly, I get a flash of insight. Heavy Metals. I ask the barkeep what the factory in the distance does. “Process the heavy metals”, he responds. Fantastic. there must be a breach in the filtering system. I ask the barkeep if there are oxygen masks anywhere in the town. He tells me there are at the clinic. I get directions and instruct LaRoche to gather the others and head for the clinic.

I collect oxygen masks and distribute them to the group. We all agree to shut down the factory.

Experience: 15 this week.
Other Reward:



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