Battletech Chicago Merc Corps

4 Stars for Last Resort Spacelines

I’ve flown a lot of spaceliners as a first class passenger and I’ve never flown one with the excellence of service of LCS. After getting a happy ending from the steward. I ordered a drink.

Wearing the fourth of my stimpatches they had to bring in extra help to finally finish my happy ending. This was delayed by an issue among the lower end passengers.

However LCS appologized and offered an attendant from steerage area to spoon with me…

I am overwhelmed with the attention to detail and care of LCS. If only they could keep the so-called ‘business class’ quieter. Maybe they should take away all their electronics in the future.


The passenger gushing about Last Resort Spacelines is obviously a man. Female passengers aren’t even allowed out of coach on Last Resort’s spaceships! I’ve ridden the worst spacelines in the galaxy – SpaceTran, RyanSpace, Space Mexico and Spaecoflot – and I’ve never seen this level of sexism. Thankfully all the ladies in coach were quiet and well-behaved – unlike the boozy frat boys in business class – and I was able to catch some much-needed sleep on my flight.

4 Stars for Last Resort Spacelines

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