Mephistos Melodies


Involved in Thaddeus Marik’s Operation Killing Stroke, a planned invasion of the Lyran Commonwealth, in 2950. Only a truncated invasion plan was executed, leading to a costly and only slightly successful campaign of three years.

Later they were sent to Loric as part of a major invasion force in 2971 that was worn down in a protracted fight when ordered to stay on the planet. Mephistos Melodies were decimated to the point that they would never again constitute an effecitve fighting force. They were described as “since defunct” in a 3025 report.

Since Late 3025 Mephistos Melodies have struggled to remain a merc company. Their leader Broldy Marte made a decision in 3030 that began the rebuilding of the company. Using what forces remained he began to rent out his remaining troops as specialists to other companies and houses that needed a specific type of help.

Mephistos Melodies

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