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These are the Big Boys, The Reason most everything has gone the way it has in the Battletech Universe

Fact Sheet
Founding Year: 2785
Headquarters (City, World): Sydney, Australia, Terra
Official Symbol: A white inner circle, slightly offset toward the bottom of a gray outer circle. Extending from the center of the white circle and pointing downward is a single gray tail.
Location (Terra relative): Facilities on roughly 98% of all inhabited systems within the Inner Sphere.
Estimated Personnel (3130): 14,687,000
Government: Corporate (with monastic stylings)
Ruler: Primus Lisa Koenigs-Cober
Dominant Language(s): English (official), others per station.
Dominant Religion(s): Agnosticism (official), others per station.
Unit of Currency: C-bill (1 C-bill = 1 second of text-only HPG transmission time)


In 2786, the Star League Department of Communications changed its name to ComStar.

Founded in 2788 by Jerome Blake, ComStar guards and maintains the HyperPulse generator

* (A HyperPulse Generator (HPG) is a variant of KF drive technology based on an obscure speculation by Thomas Kearny and Takayoshi Fuchida that it might be possible to create artificial jump points. This proved correct, but the energy costs were such that it was not possible to send a ship through. Instead, the effect was harnessed to transmit electromagnetic signals – communications. Each HyperPulse Generator is essentially a small physics unit (with mobile units being as small as nine tons) which is able to fire a “pulse” through hyperspace to a receiving HPG. Because the HPG’s messages are not burdened by tens or hundreds of thousands of tons of mass, the maximum range of an HPG pulse is 50 light years, while a ship can jump a maximum of 30 light years.)*
communications network and other valuable technologies developed during the era of the Star League, holding advanced technology that would otherwise have been lost during its collapse.

Blake recognized two great responsibilities in the wake of the collapse of the Star League: preserving as much of the currently available technological knowledge as possible, and preventing the Successor States from seizing the interstellar communications network and misusing it for their own destructive ends. In 2788, Blake took control of Terra and declared it a neutral world. He offered secure interstellar communication to all Successor States that would pledge to respect the neutrality of the HyperPulse generator stations and personnel. The Inner Sphere leaders recognized that open communications were crucial to their survival and agreed to Blake’s demands marking the beginning of the order of ComStar. Blake created the First Circuit to administer ComStar’s affairs and fostered a “secret brotherhood” mentality among ComStar’s members in order to keep the secrets of the Star League safe.

After Blake’s death in 2819, Conrad Toyama of Dieron took control of ComStar. He replaced its corporate structure with a rigid, religious hierarchy, and shrouded its activities in mystic rituals. Toyama declared himself Primus, the highest authority in ComStar, bequeathing that august title and its responsibilities to every leader of ComStar who followed him.

Initially, Primus Toyama’s doctrine of religious mystery served Blake’s original intent by fostering the belief that the sacred magic of HPG transmissions could only be wielded by ComStar adepts, ensuring that no Successor State would attempt to take control of the Star League’s technological legacy. One faction of ComStar gradually forgot the true meaning of Blake’s intent, however, convinced that its mission lay in conquering humanity rather than protecting it. This faction reached the zenith of their power under Primus Myndo Waterly, who nearly succeeded in handing the Inner Sphere to the Clans. Only Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht’s intervention prevented Myndo Waterly from propagating the collapse of the Inner Sphere. Focht ended Waterly’s misguided rule by forcing her retirement from the primacy. Waterly’s successor, Sharilar Mori, had launched a much-needed reform of the Order of Comstar. Under the leadership of Primus Mori and the Precentor Martial, ComStar returned to fulfilling its original purpose as guardians of Star League-era technology, and to a slightly lesser extent, the Inner Sphere itself.

While the members of ComStar continue the original mission given to them by Jerome Blake, the splinter group known as the “Word of Blake,” under the leadership of the so-called “Primus-in-Exile,” Thomas Marik, use a more radical interpretation of the teachings of Jerome Blake as a justification for a jihad against the houses of the Inner Sphere, with the intent of conquering Terra. Since their separation from the main body, they remained an enemy of ComStar until their defeat and reabsorption in 3081.

When the Clan Invasion occurred in 3049-3051, one of the leaders of ComStar, Anastasius Focht, proposed a deal to the ilKhan of the opposing Clan forces, Ulric Kerensky, in which the invading Clans would fight the forces of ComStar on the remote Rasalhaguese planet of Tukayyid. To fight the Clans, Focht revealed the existence of the ComGuard, the elite, near mythical military branch of ComStar that had been hidden since the fall of the Star League.

The ComGuard forces clashed with the invading Clans on Tukayyid, and used their tactics and knowledge of clan weaknesses to attain an almost absolute victory against all but one of the opposing clans. Humiliated, ilKhan Kerensky was forced to accept a 15 year truce with the Inner Sphere.

Following the Battle of Tukayyid, Focht returned to Terra to confront radical Primus Myndo Waterly, who had hoped a Clan takeover of the Inner Sphere would lead to control by ComStar. Focht killed Waterly and tried but failed to cover it up. However, Precentor Demona Aziz of Atreus knew the truth and left Terra with a group of followers. With the permission of Thomas Marik, the new Word of Blake would occupy land on the world of Gibson.

Following the revealing of the ComGuard, ComStar became an even more predominant force in the Inner Sphere. The ComGuard were deployed all across the Inner Sphere to act as guards of HPGs on war-torn planets, and also were called on to act as Second Star League peacekeepers following the Whitting Conference of 3058. In this guise, ComGuard forces went with Prince Victor Ian Steiner-Davion to the Clan homeworld of Strana Mechty, where they participated in the Great Refusal, during which they were defeated by Clan Jade Falcon.

ComStar would be dealt a major blow when the Word of Blake captured Terra in Operation Odysseus. Anastasius Focht chose not to recapture the planet, believing that the Clans were a greater threat. Soon all of ComStar would be moved to Tukayyid. ComStar attempted an invasion of the newly-formed Word of Blake Protectorate in 3068, but failed. After the bloody Word of Blake Jihad, Devlin Stone would successfully recapture Terra and form the Republic of the Sphere. ComStar has yet to regain control of Terra.

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