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I looked through and found that the K-F Drive makes little hops of about 30 Lightyears a pop. With recharge time inbetween (For purposes of this Game, Lets say 48 hours base, unless you can upgrade it, which is a possibility)

The Scout class is the smallest JumpShip classes still in common use. Its small carrying capacity (only one DropShip) means that it is primarily used for military operations or exploration – the maintenance costs are too prohibitive for it to be viable commercially. Another notable drawback is the lack of a Grav Deck; the Scout can only produce gravity through acceleration which requires largish amounts of fuel.

However, there are also numerous benefits to the Scout design. The first is its tiny emergence signature which is difficult to detect, making the ship ideal for reconnaissance and surprise raids. The second is that it takes only 80% of the normal time required to quick-charge a Scout over an average-sized JumpShip. The third is that the docking collar is reinforced, allowing the Scout to thrust at 0.1 Gs acceleration even with a DropShip attached, provided that the DropShip is less than 25,000 tons in mass; without a DropShip, the Scout can accelerate at 0.2 Gs. The fourth is that the Jump Sail requires only 90% of the time to unfurl/furl compared to a larger sail and is less susceptible to rips and other forms of damage.

The Scout features up-to-date medical and recreation facilities and notably comfortable quarters for 17 crew and an additional aerospace pilot. The bridge is quite modern by comparison to larger class vessels. Finally, it is equipped with back-up generators that can power the life support system for three months if the main fusion power plant fails.


This Particular Jumpship has a Mule Docked with it, which is the method the Mercenary Company Collateral Damage uses to get from orbit to Planetside. It has seen Better days, but is still in fine flying shape.

Scout Jump Ship

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