Mule Dropship


The ubiquitous Mule Class DropShip is the most commonly encountered merchant craft plying the shipping routes of the Inner Sphere. Developed during the height of the Star League, the Mule has survived due to the combination of its practical and uncomplicated design, affordability, ease of maintenance, and spacious crew accommodations. This makes the Mule highly attractive for independent traders.

Because the Mule operates in the “wilds” more so than other civilian cargo carriers, it is moderately armored and carries a small array of defensive weaponry: a nose mounted AC/5, two SRM-6 launchers on the sides with a smattering of Large, Medium and Small Lasers bolstering the other weapon bays as well as covering the other angles.

The Mule is capable of carrying close to 8,500 tons of cargo, split between a single large 3,000 ton capacity bay in the lower portion of ship, from which four large cargo elevators lead to the upper decks which can handle remaining 5,000 or so tons. Four cargo ramps are situated next to these lifts to provide easy access, as well as the only problem for the class. If the ramps are not properly secured prior to lift-off, which can occur if take-off procedures are rushed because the ship is under fire on the ground, the initial engine thrust can tear them free and vent directly into the lower cargo bay, damaging if not destroying the ship.


This Dropship was bought at about the same time the Jumpship was. Its not pretty, but it will get the job done!

Mule Dropship

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