Goblin Medium Tank


The distinguishing feature of the Goblin Medium Tank is its infantry bay, which is large enough to hold one squad or one support weapon team. This enables an infantry unit to either add their firepower to the tank’s, or cover it in urban areas. The origin of the design is unknown, but it is known that Johnston Industries was producing the tank for House Davion late into the First Succession War. The Goblin is generally assumed to have been in action before that period however, in the time of the original Star League.

The Goblin is armed with a BlazeFire Systems Large Laser as its main gun and a Johnston Minigun Machine Gun for anti-infantry purposes. While limited, this weapons loadout enables the Goblin to keep shooting throughout extended engagements.


Awarded To Major Steven Svensli upon his retirement from the FRR forces, It has gone from combat zone to combat zone as he bounced to different commands before being semi-retired and pampered at his estate on Hyperion.

Goblin Medium Tank

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