Battletech Chicago Merc Corps

Notes from the Free Rasalhague Liberation Front (FRLF) in Chateau

They are out to get us.

It is March 19, 3050. Some guy approaches Brink and they walk away together. (He’s one of them!)
He says they want us to go undercover to the desert on Chateau to test weapons. (They just want us out of Free Rasalhague so the alien invaders can claim more territory HERE!) I reluctantly agree to the mission and watch my desert survival guide again. I have to protect the team.
We get on a plane. I am in coach. I sleep.
We arrive and I have to reassemble the whole damn helicopter by myself. Then an alien-controlled pilot tries to take away my weapon. I hit him over the head with my weapon. The other alien-controlled mechanics hold me down. Luckily the medic is on my side, and she pretends to shoot me with the tranquilizer gun. I play along and then escape into the desert.
The alien-controlled troops, including my own team, try to track me, but I am stealthy and left my comm equipment in the med tent. The diplomat gets just 30 feet away but doesn’t see me.
The next morning, I begin walking southwest to go back toward the city we flew into while skirting around the base.
When the sun is high in the sky, I take shelter in an oasis of trees. While I’m resting, I hear a helicopter. It shoots one of the trees, destroying it. Now they want to kill me! But then the helicopter turns around and goes back.



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