Battletech Chicago Merc Corps

Medical Officer's Journal 03293049

April 2, 2013 19:35

Negotiated Pay:

Continuation of prior engagement. Refer to files 03193049, 03203049 and 03223049, 03223049a

Team Members
Mechanic LaRoche
Pilot Brink Watch
Diplomatic Relations Warner St.John
Combat Jack Hatter
Combat Rene Gade
Tank Commander Heinrick Steiger

Personal Equipment Requisitioned

Personal Log Entry 03293049 09:00
We returned to the drop ship with the gifted mech. The crew of the dropship had been celebrating their fallen comrades. We convince them to allow for extra storage for the mech and load it up. We jump back into our home territory and take up orbit around an invasion. The same Wolf’s head symbol can be seen on the landers as the other invasions. The group was undecided as to whether to land and attack or run. Finally a vote is taken and the team decided to drop on one of the flanks and lend aid to the planetary forces.

We drop onto the planet and found the defenses under siege. We fight to a position and come upon mechs of the planetary force. The lead pilot turns out to be our drop pilot McKinzie. She informs us of the situation and leads us to an underground complex filled with mechs and support tanks and troops. We find the commander and he begins to offer renegotiation of contract when Gade interupts and asks for pay. The commander states it’s not the time. It is my professional diagnosis that at that time, Gade lost his mind. He began to argue with the commander and threaten him. The commander ordered his guards to arrest Gade. Gade drew his pistol and fired at the Commander. The Commander turned his head slightly when he called his troopers. The shot blew a nice hole in the side of the helmet. Gade then put the barrel of his pistol in his mouth and pulled the trigger. The Commander was shocked, but mostly unharmed.

While the body of Gade was cleaned up, the Commander and St. john renegotiated our contract. The Deal done, we each received a BattleMech to assist in the battle. The mech I was assigned is, I am told, a Commando. We strode up the ramp to find foot troops assaulting our position. They were still at range. So, we all fired at them and essentially mowed them down in droves.

As the troops were anihilated, three mechs strode into view and took down McKinzie’s mech while advancing. the group started into one of the mechs in an attempt to take it down. Being a light mech, I raced around the back and took out the armor in the back while Steiger looped around the other flank and nuked the same mech. it exploded catastrophically taking the other two with it.

Experience: 200
Other Reward: salvaged some parts from the mechs



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