Battletech Chicago Merc Corps

Medical Officer journal 03203049

February 12, 2013 18:10

Negotiated Pay:

Continuation of prior engagement. Refer to file 03193049

Team Members
Mechanic LaRoche
Pilot Brink Watch
Communications Officer Mathew Conrad
Diplomatic Relations Warner St.John
Combat Jack Hatter
Combat Rene Gade
Tank Commander Heinrick Steiger
Magnus Dahlqvist

Personal Equipment Requisitioned

Personal Log Entry 03203049 06:00

Gade decided to head out with Dahlqvist to find the “Whomprat” that Brink shot yesterday. He seemed to believe he could use it for an ingredient for supper. I received a call on the secure line from the Mercenary company. I put St. John on the line to negotiate and went to rest in the chopper until we could lift off from the planet.

Brink called over the comms that Gade and Dahlqvist had found LaRoche and she was attacking them. We headed out in the chopper. By the time we arrived, they had “subdued” LaRoche with extreme force. I checked her over. She would have a nice knot tomorrow. But, otherwise would be fine. I strapped her into a stretcher and moved her to the chopper.

When we returned to the base, LaRoche started coming around. I informed her we had arranged transport. She started trying to leave the stretcher. I removed her knife and gun from her possession and instructed her to relax as their are some in the group who won’t hesitate to knock her out again and I wouldn’t want for her to suffer more head damage. She seems to relax for a while. That is until the commander confronted her when we arrived back at the base. She started talking about Free Rasslehoff Republic. I stealthily tranquilized her and explained to the commander that she had suffered head trauma and dehydration and was delirious. The commander was skeptical but left us in peace.

The crew went off in search of various items (alchohol, tanks, small children). I bought a 3×4×2 storage container on the tank for my purposed from Steiger. 45000 credits may be a bit pricey. But, we all had to chip in to get it off planet anyway. We manage to get loaded on the dropship just as the enemy attacked (impeccable timing once again). As we entered orbit the dropship was fired upon. A call went out for any with Gunnery skill. Having just completed my training in Gunnery I headed to the nearest gunnery bay. We manage to escape the enemy and land on planet Chesztreg for repairs.

Experience: 25 this week
Other Reward:



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