Battletech Chicago Merc Corps

AAR 115222013


Collateral Damage Inc.

After Action report

AAR#: 115.222013 Security Access Level: Beta 2
Reference: Op Order# 11152013 Security Classification: Open
Time Zone Used: Zulu Encoded: No
Op Area: Allegehe Op Date: 3050/3

A. Situation

  1. Intelligence:
    1. Not much known, Access sit rep once dirt side.
  2. Enemy Forces:
    1. Invaders that are attacking North Periphery
  3. Friendly Forces
    1. Skinner’s Scimitars
      1. Alpha Squad

B. Mission:

  1. Execution:
    1. Provide Air support
      1. Recon
        1. Protect Command Mech
  2. Obstacles, Mines, Fortifications:
    1. None
  3. Units Involved:
    1. Alpha Squad
  4. Reserves:
    1. None

C. Service Support:

  1. Ammo and Fuel covered by Skinner’s Scimitars

D. Command

  1. Under command of Skinner’s Scimitars

E. Weather

  1. Standard Terran

F. Terrain

  1. Standard Terran

G. Maps / Documents Attached

  1. None

H. Pay

  1. 50,000 plus salvage.

I. Mission Details/ Notes

We arrive dirt side as command is in negoations with enemy for a cease fire. Arrive at forward base are informed of CDI’s mission parameters. Enemy broke cease fire early as attempts for peace fail. I head off to fly a few recon passes around main city when first missiles hit base. I engage mech with long range missiles. During flight I receive a priority message from Medic MacLochlon requesting pick up. Our plan is to retrieve alien damaged mech for later inspection. Chopper needs repair, alien mech hits hard. We return damaged mech to base. Get some rest and prepare for next mission.

Command calls me and Diplomat St.John and informs us that we are to proceed behind enemy lines and retrieve a missing scout, scout Dahlqvist was trapped after alerting command about on coming attack. Tanker Styger was attached to alpha squad due to the fact his tank was destroyed and alpha squad could use more fire support for this mission. On way to last known coordinates we are engaged by 2 of the enemy choppers, one is dispatched by missiles, the other required Trooper Hatter to engage from the hatch. Once in op area Medic MacLochlon takes ATV cycle out to recon area and find missing scout. I begin air cover pattern delta 2. Comms Officer Conrad is able to patch into scouts radio signal. We also pick up large search party signature. While tracking enemy search party I get message from scout requesting a diversion, I try using the outside speakers to draw their attention, does not work. So I fire missile into forest. That gets their attention. Comms informs both Scout Dahlqvist and Medic MacLochlon to proceed to extraction point. Once there I order rest of alpha squad to take up fire positions to protect incoming friend lies. A mech arrives on scene, I do what is unexpected. I fly up as close to mech as possible, make it harder to fire missiles at us. Once all friend lies are aboard I head out. Medic MacLochlon has an idea, she latching on to repelling locks and proceeds to drop on to enemy mech and places a Hull Breaching charge onto mechs pilot area. Mech is damaged, pilot is fine seems enemy mech has separate pilot compartment.

Upon return to base we see that enemy has breached our lines and are in the city, we return to city under heavy attack. Upon arrival at space port where we are informed that city is falling and we should bug out. Command of Skinner’s Scimitars is in battle allowing civi’s to fall back to space port. I inform MacKenzie that I along with any volunteers will be picking up civi’s, transporting them to space port. On last trip comm’s pick up Commands transponder informing us that his mech is down , I head to last known area and find Command is injured but alive. Upon pick up Medic MacLochlon begins first aid, as we return to space port. We noticed that some of the enemy troops are wearing uniforms of troopers from fallen planets.


You forgot to mention the three purple hearts I received. Three different wounds received while trying to save the soup. Come on!

AAR 115222013

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